What’s the Best Day of the Week to Buy Airline Tickets?

by James Andrew Scott

Answer: Tuesday.  The best day of the week to buy airline tickets is Tuesday.

Airlines typically start fare sales on Monday. Throughout Monday and into Tuesday, other airlines have taken notice of their competitors’ sales and have decided whether to match (or possibly beat) the newly lowered prices (potential starting a “fare war”). By Tuesday evening, consumers are usually in the best position to buy airline tickets because 1) the fare sale is still fresh and seats are likely still available and 2) the competition has (hopefully) kicked in to lower prices. As the week goes on, the price tends to increase as the airline meets its sales targets. Competitors notice the price increase and will, in all likelihood, also choose to raise prices.

The best day of the week to buy airline tickets is Tuesday.

How Far in Advance Should You Buy Airline Tickets?

Answer: 6 weeks.

A recent study by the Airline Reporting Service, a company involving in processing airline ticket transactions, found that airline fare prices are lowest 6 weeks prior to flight. Specifically, the study showed that, on average, airline ticket prices are lowest 42 days prior to the flight. Airline tickets purchased exactly 6 weeks prior averaged 5.8 % cheaper than the average fare price.

Prices rise significantly in the last two weeks.