U.S. Airline Economy Class Comfort Comparison Chart

by James Andrew Scott on July 26, 2012

in American Airlines, Delta, Infographics, JetBlue, Southwest, United Airlines, US Airways, Virgin America

TripBadger took a quick look at how economy class comfort compares among major U.S. carriers. Virgin America fares better than the competition, with the widest economy seats and 100 percent of its fleet with in-seat TV entertainment and wifi-enabled.

Because travelers usually have to pay for these added amenities, airlines have begun adding personal TVs and wifi as a means to further boost their ancillary revenues.  JetBlue and Virgin America offer free satellite television service, but travelers must pay for  movies (Virgin America also charges extra for expanded premium TV channels).  American Airlines recently announced plans to significantly improve its inflight amenities and will add personal TVs and wifi across its fleet.


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