How to Status Match on Major U.S. Airlines

Airlines will often agree to match the elite status that you hold on another airline as a way of competing for your valuable business.  It’s by far the easiest way to attain elite status on another airline.  All the airlines have slightly different rules for status matching, but generally airlines will match your current status for 90 days.  To keep that status thereafter, you must fly a certain number of miles or flight segments within the 90 days.

Sometimes an airline will agree to an outright status match with no challenge required.   Outright status matches have become more rare lately and are generally invitation-only offers targeted at top-level elites.  Most recently, American offered to match some targeted United MileagePlus Premier 1K members to Executive Platinum with no challenge required (this offer has ended).

American Airlines is the only U.S. airline that offers a status challenge without requiring elite status on another airline.  However, American does charge a challenge fee.  If you do not have elite status currently, American’s status challenge is a good option to earn elite status quickly. Finally, US Airways is unique among U.S. airlines in offering to sell elite status.

Status matching opportunities sometimes come and go like other airline promotions.   We’ll keep you informed of the latest status match opportunities on this page.

U.S. Carriers

United Airlines – MileagePlus Premier

US Airways – Dividend Miles Preferred

American Airlines – AAdvantage

Delta Airlines – SkyMiles Medallion

Virgin America – Elevate

Non-U.S. Carriers

Cathay Pacific – Marco Polo Club




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