How to Keep Track of Your Points and Miles

by James Andrew Scott

AwardWallet: A Web Tool to Keep Track of Your Points and Miles

AwardWallet is a great tool to help you keep track of all your points, miles, and loyalty programs with one log-in.   While it may take some time to add all of your various accounts’ information to the website (especially if you end up searching old emails to track down membership numbers like I did), when it’s done you can access all of your accounts (American Airlines does not participate) with one click from AwardWallet.  It’s a great time-saver and an easy way to get an overview of your points/miles situation.  Award Wallet also keeps track of your booked trip information.  AwardWallet is also ideal for trip planning to figure out where you have unused points waiting to be redeemed.


Keep track of your points and miles with AwardWallet

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