Help: I Didn’t Receive My Frequent Flyer Miles!

by Brian on December 26, 2012

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As we wrote about previously, James and I took advantage of a great $575 roundtrip fare from Washington Dulles to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines in October. Not only did we have the chance to briefly explore amazing Istanbul (see our trip report part one and part two), but we were able to quickly and easily rack up another 10,466 (5,233 each way) United MileagePlus award miles and elite qualifying miles thanks to the United-Turkish Star Alliance partnership… Or so we thought…

While the experience flying Turkish was very positive (read our review), the process to receive United MileagePlus award and elite qualifying credit turned into a two month effort with numerous calls to the MileagePlus service center.  After much perseverance, I received the missing miles, as well as a letter from United apologizing for the trouble I experienced. From what I’ve read online and heard from friends, many people have issues receiving MileagePlus credit when flying Turkish.  In our case, Turkish denied the miles stating that our fare class did not qualify us for miles, when in fact, our fare class was qualifying.  Be sure to keep checking your MileagePlus account.

How to Obtain Missing Credit

Check the website of the airline for which you’re working to obtain missing mileage credit. Most airlines have a web page where you can submit a claim:

  • American (you must request within 12 months of the flight)
  • United Airlines (request within 12 months)
  • Delta (request within 9 months)
  • US Airways (request within 6 months. Log into your Dividend Miles account, then click “Request Missing Miles.”)
  • Southwest (request within 12 months. Log into your Rapid Rewards account, then click on “My Rapid Rewards.” Look for the the “Request Past Flight Points” box on the lower left)
  • JetBlue (request within 90 days.  Log into your TrueBlue account, then click on “Request Missing Points”)

You’ll need your original reservation number, and in some cases, the original ticket number. Airlines will typically provide you with an estimated timeframe to investigate your claim and post the missing miles. If they don’t post, like my experience with Turkish, call the airline (whose program you are seeking miles in; in our case, we called United and did not deal with Turkish directly) and speak to a representative in the frequent flyer program department.  You may have to make several calls.  Don’t give up and forfeit your earned frequent flyer miles!


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