Elite Status Will be Added to JetBlue’s TrueBlue Frequent Flyer Program

by James Andrew Scott on July 24, 2012

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Mosaic Elite Status Level Created in TrueBlue

This week JetBlue Airways announced the creation of the first-ever elite status level within the TrueBlue frequent flyer program–TrueBlue Mosaic.  Mosaic status will begin this Fall but no firm date was announced.  All base points earned in 2012 will count toward elite status, but only base points are counted. Other bonus points (booking through JetBlue.com and points earned with the JetBlue American Express or JetBlue partners) do not count. Virgin America also announced its own new elite status levels this week.  Here’s a quick summary:

Jetblue TrueBlue Mosaic Elite StatusMosaic Qualification:

  • 30 flight segments + 12,000 base flight points (in a calendar year)


  • 15,000 base flight points (in a calendar year).

Mosaic Benefits:

  • 1 More Free checked bag (for the Mosaic member and companions on the same itinerary).  One checked bag is already free on JetBlue.
  • Expedited security line.
  • Early boarding.
  • Earn an additional 3 points per dollar for a total of up to 9 points per dollar if you book on Jetblue.com.
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service line.
  • 6 Even More Space seats (extra legroom seats) for members who earn Mosaic status in 2012.
  • Thereafter, Mosaic members can redeem points for More Space Seats.

TripBadger’s Reaction:

At first, I was a little underwhelmed, but in doing some math, the benefits are fairly generous when I compared it to Southwest’s Rapid Rewards A-List status.  Because base points are earned at 3 points per dollar spent on airfare, the cost of Mosaic status is easily priced out.  TrueBlue members will have to spend at least $4,000 in airfare (base dollars only, not including fees and taxes) + 30 segments, or more likely, $5,000 within a calendar year for Mosaic status.  That’s close to Southwest’s A-List status, which costs about $ 5,833 in Wanna Get Away base fare.

Mosaic members will earn an extra 3 points per dollar (a 50% bonus on the base points of 6 when booked through JetBlue.com).  A 50% bonus is equivalent to most airlines’ mid-tier elite status and is better than Southwest A-List status (which earns a 25% bonus).

I assume, but am not certain, that JetBlue American Express cardholders who are also Mosaic members will still earn an additional 2 point per dollar on JetBlue.  With both bonuses, it will be possible to earn 11 points per dollar of base airfare.  Because each TrueBlue point is worth about 1 cent each, that’s around 11 cents on the dollar in free travel.  JetBlue hasn’t specified this detail yet.

The other program benefits are less amazing.  How often do people actually travel with two checked bags?  One checked bag is already free with JetBlue, though it will come in handy when traveling with friends and companions.   The 6 free Even More Seats are also nice, but are only offered in 2012 (as of now).  Thereafter, you’ll either have to pay or use points.  What Mosaic can’t offer–First class upgrades–is something most loyal JetBlue customers probably will not care about.  I do think JetBlue may be missing an opportunity if they hold fast to offering free More Space Seats only in 2012.  JetBlue could sweeten Mosaic by giving free upgrades (on a space available basis) at a certain rate (for instance; every 3,000 base points = one upgrade) like American Airlines does the 500-mile upgrade “stickers.”



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