Earn Free Loyalty Points With Topguest.

by James Andrew Scott on April 17, 2012

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Earn 50 points with Hilton HHonors and Priority Club, and 25 with Virgin America Elevate Just for Linking Accounts (maybe).

With Topguest, you earn loyalty points for doing the things you might already be doing–checking in, tweeting, or sending Instagram photos.  To get started, you simply link your social applications to Topguest via Topguest.com.   Topguest works with  Facebook places, Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram.  Once you’ve linked your social apps, simply check-in at participating locations and get credited with loyalty points.  Or you can also share photos of a location via Instagram and receive points.   Link all four social applications or just one–your choice.

Earn free loyalty points

Earn free loyalty points with Topguest

Topguest.com is relatively easy to use.  I linked Facebook and Twitter easily.  There are several major loyalty programs participating.  In addition to Hilton HHonors, Priority Club, and Virgin Elevate, the other programs are M life (MGM Resorts), Best Western Rewards, Kimpton Hotels, Wyndham Rewards, Viòla Hotel Rewards, and ClubHotel affiliates (which includes Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, swissôtel, Ramada, and more.)

When you link Facebook with Topguest, you are presented with a screen to give Topguest access all your information at any time even when not using the application.  Well, as Kramer might say, “that’s just kooky talk,” so I selected skip, and Topguest still linked fine.  I recommend that option.

I tried the mobile site on my iphone, but found it a bit buggy.  I recommend you set up your account via the standard web site.

In terms of actual check-ins, I’ve made one check-in so far and the points were instantly added to my Topguest account.  In about 10 minutes of time, I’ve accumulated 100 HHonors points and 50 Priority Club points.  So far, so good, right?  Well, maybe not.  I have substantial doubts about Topguest’s staying power.  The Topguest website has not been updated in 2012, and more ominously, the last blog post was in June 2011.   You get the impression this company is a ghost.  A little research revealed that  Topguest was acquired in late 2011 by a travel software company, ezRez, which has since changed its name to Switchfly.  The whole thing seems less in a bit in doubt.

I’ll keep playing around with it and will post more if something happens, like actually finding 100 loyalty points reflected in my HHonors account (Topguest says they can take 6 weeks to post).  We’ll see.

Update: 100 points have already been credited to my Hilton HHonors account.  Perhaps my doubts were misplaced.  I plan to keep with it.

Have you tried Topguest and actually received points?  Any reviews or comments to share with our readers would be appreciated.


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