500 Dividend Miles with US Airways StoreFront Assistant

by James Andrew Scott on April 23, 2012

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Get 500 Free Miles with Download of US Airways StoreFront Assistant

Dividend Miles members have an easy route to 500 free miles.  Simply download the US Airways StoreFront Assistant software and make one search or purchase with the software.  The software is actually quite useful so you may decide to keep it after you’ve earned your miles.  The StoreFront Assistant is a toolbar that installs within your browser (all the major browsers are supported).   Once installed, the software alerts you to mileage earning opportunities by displaying a small US Airways flag next to points-earning results.  For instance, in a search for Apple, a small US Airways flag appears next to the Apple results, alerting you that you can earn 1 point per dollar with Apple.  The software also adds links so you can click through immediately to earn Dividend Miles.  Pretty Sweet.   The software works with Google, Bing, and Yahoo so you can still use your favorite search engine.  It’s pretty seemless.

I tend to forget about the airline shopping portals when I shop online.  This software  make it easy to ensure you maximize your miles earning since the links and reminder flag are right in front of you.  You don’t have to visit the US Airways store anymore since the software adds the earning links for you.   And you get 500 points just for trying.   This is a no brainer.   Get the software here.

Have to tried the US Airways StoreFront Assistant?  Share you comments or reviews with our readers.


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